MitE has organised quiet spaces for a number of events and organisations over the years including the International Festival Of Business, Birchwood Park, Liverpool Airport and St Mary's Market (St Helens). Our team have plenty of experience in providing and maintaining comfortable spaces that are used and valued by people of all faiths and none. 

Quiet Spaces For Events:

Having a quiet space as part of a conference or exhibition can be a real bonus for those who visit. Whether simply choosing to take a few minutes of quiet to reflect or using the space to pray (particularly important if your event attracts people whose faith requires them to pray regularly), having a dedicated space provides real added value for your clients. If you are putting on a conference in the North West and you'd like a quiet space then get in touch via the form below.

Quiet Spaces For Organisations:

A dedicated quiet space for staff and/or visitors can be a valuable tool for your organisation. The benefits of an on-site quiet space for staff are well documented and we have found the spaces that we manage throughout our chaplaincy projects to be in demand and greatly appreciated by those who use them. 

In St Mary's Market, Liverpool Airport and Golden Square Warrington the quiet spaces are used by staff, traders and visitors alike. Our team are able to provide advice on setting up your space, the sort of things you'll need to provide and tips on how to make the space both friendly and functional for people of all faiths and none.

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