Liverpool City Centre

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 Chris Shelley, Church St Chaplain.

Chris Shelley, Church St Chaplain.

Church Street:

Chris will normally be in the Church Street area on Tuesdays.

Chris lived in the US for 20 years and also in Israel. He says ‘Liverpool is my home and wherever I’ve been this is the place I always come back to. I was raised here, went to school here and as a child I grew to love this city.  Presently I work as a Lay Pastor with the Methodist Church, as a Church in the Community Advisor for Tearfund and as the Volunteer Co-ordinator for a Foodbank in Bootle.

‘I am excited about the opportunity to serve as Chaplain to the retailers in Church Street’.

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 Rev. JEan Flood, St John's Market Chaplain

Rev. JEan Flood, St John's Market Chaplain

St John's Market:

The Market is full of great people from many different cultures all with fantastic stories to tell! Jean is available to support traders, staff and customers.

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After her husband was made redundant in 1984 Jean went on the Business Enterprise Scheme and received £40 per week to turn a paying hobby—making celebration cakes—into a business. Working from home at first she eventually ran out of space and opened a shop in Anfield, followed by a Shopping Cart at the newly opened Albert Dock. She had a small place in the newly refurbished Clayton Square, ending up with a shop— Decorcake - in St John's Precinct for 12 years. 

Liverpool John Lennon Airport


Liverpool John Lennon Airport

Nicky Lees Chaplain

Nicky Lees has been the Liverpool John Lennon Airport Chaplain since 2003. As Chaplain she provides pastoral, humanitarian, and spiritual support for passengers, staff and visitors of all faiths and none. The Chaplain recognises all human beings as having equal status, and staff and customers can call on her time in complete confidentiality.

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City of Liverpool YMCA

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City Of Liverpool YMCA

Kieran Bohan is originally from London but has been in Liverpool since 2003 and has made it home. He trained for the Roman Catholic priesthood in his twenties, but chose not to be ordained. He is now a lay member of the leadership team at St Bride's CofE Church in Toxteth. In March 2016 he was commissioned by the Archdeacon of Liverpool as a Local Missional Leader with responsibility for outreach and pastoral care for the city's LGBT community, and training around LGBT awareness issues for faith communities. He co-facilitates Open Table, a monthly communion service for the LGBT community, family and friends and all who are seeking a more inclusive church. His background is in education, youth work, and support work with vulnerable adults, including people experiencing homelessness, mental distress and substance dependency. He has also trained in media and marketing, and works part-time for the Diocese of Liverpool Communications Team and as Communications Officer for Modern Church, an organisation promoting liberal theology. He is working with YMCA Liverpool, which provides 141 beds of high quality accommodation across the city to people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. His role is to help the YMCA to maintain a Christian ethos by providing for the pastoral needs of service users, volunteers and staff, particularly to help service users understand more fully life's events as they relate to their spiritual and emotional well-being.

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Liverpool YMCA


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Local Solutions

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Local Solutions

Stephen Power was born and raised in Liverpool and has spent his working life in manufacturing, including leather for world famous fashion houses and clothing for the emergency services. Stephen has also worked on the outer edges of the music and motion picture industry. Having hired and fired throughout his career, and had dealings with both national and international bodies, he understands the pressures of the workplace and trying to maintain a work-family balance. But he also knows from faith and experience that the 'care package' that God offers each and everyone can bring peace and satisfaction to life.

Today Stephen is an Elder/Church Leader in Walton.

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Local Solutions


Volunteer Chaplains Needed:

We are looking to expand our work in Local Solutions and are currently looking for volunteer chaplains who are able to serve for a few hours per month in Liverpool, Wirral or North Wales. 

If you would like to learn more about volunteering with MitE please get in touch via our Volunteering page.

Merseyside Police


Merseyside Police

My name is Fiona Pennie and I hail from Yorkshire.

Fiona Pennie

I trained to be an optometrist in the ’80’s and spent my early working life as a high street Optometrist in various villages, towns and cities across the whole of Yorkshire, my base being in Harrogate.

After having a spell travelling around Australia I was finding the increasing commercialisation of Optometry detracting from my desire to be a clinical optometrist. So I moved over the Pennines to take up a position as a Senior Optometrist at St. Paul’s Eye Hospital in the early ’90’s. Posts at the Royal, as St Pauls moved Walton and Alder Hey meant I have been part of all the departments of Ophthalmology in the city. In 1995 I married a fellow “alien in a foreign land” a scot Bruce Pennie, who I met through church, St. Peter’s Woolton. We had our children David and Andrew whilst juggling our busy jobs in the NHS and church.

I began exploring a call to ordination in 2011 and was ordained Deacon in the Church of England in 2015. Most of my life has been lived at top speed so the opportunity to slow down over the last 6 months has been both a blessing and a challenge!

As I begin work as a Chaplain with the Merseyside Police Force I would really value prayers for vision and discernment as I take up the reins of the service. The Force is going through great organisational change so prayers for leaders and workers as the implications of this may well have far reaching effects on peoples lives.

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