Workplace Chaplaincy Training by MITE

We've created a modular training resource for new workplace chaplains that can be adapted to any workplace context.

From an hour long training session to a full day of interactive training this resource is designed to enthuse and equip churches to engage in workplace chaplaincy in their communities. Sessions include video interviews with workplace chaplains, discussion and scenario based activities.

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The training is broken down into three sessions. Training can be offered on a session by session basis, split into two half day sessions or run as a day long course. You can read a brief overview of each session below. 


1: What Is Workplace Chaplaincy?

This session includes a brief overview of the history of workplace chaplaincy and helps to develop an understanding of what chaplaincy looks like in a contemporary context.


2: Why Workplace Chaplaincy?

Building on the previous session this module explores the reasons that businesses choose to commission chaplaincy as well as the Christian case for offering chaplaincy support.


3: What Makes A Good Chaplain?

A practical look at the nuts and bolts of workplace chaplaincy. What are the qualities of a good chaplain? How can a chaplain best serve the people that they meet?

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