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Kieran Bohan is originally from London but has been in Liverpool since 2003 and has made it home. He trained for the Roman Catholic priesthood in his twenties, but chose not to be ordained. He is now a lay member of the leadership team at St Bride's CofE Church in Toxteth. In March 2016 he was commissioned by the Archdeacon of Liverpool as a Local Missional Leader with responsibility for outreach and pastoral care for the city's LGBT community, and training around LGBT awareness issues for faith communities. He co-facilitates Open Table, a monthly communion service for the LGBT community, family and friends and all who are seeking a more inclusive church. His background is in education, youth work, and support work with vulnerable adults, including people experiencing homelessness, mental distress and substance dependency. He has also trained in media and marketing, and works part-time for the Diocese of Liverpool Communications Team and as Communications Officer for Modern Church, an organisation promoting liberal theology. He is working with YMCA Liverpool, which provides 141 beds of high quality accommodation across the city to people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. His role is to help the YMCA to maintain a Christian ethos by providing for the pastoral needs of service users, volunteers and staff, particularly to help service users understand more fully life's events as they relate to their spiritual and emotional well-being.

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