Making Big Decisions:


We probably make thousands of decisions a day.

What to wear today?

What to eat for breakfast?

Walk to work or get the bus?

Most of our daily decisions don't really involve a great deal of thinking on our part, we just get on with them. But sometimes there are decisions that take a bit more time and energy:

Should I apply for that promotion?

What direction should I take the business in? 

Is it time to look for a new job?

These kinds of decision can take a long time to process and, occasionally, can feel overwhelming. Here are a few tips and resources for making difficult choices:

  1. Be clear about what it is you need to decide - try and sum up the decision you need to make in one or two sentences. Having it written down in black and white can help to bring things into focus a bit more clearly.

  2. Weigh up the pros and cons - try not to let your preconceptions get in the way, simply write up a list of factors on either side.

  3. Talk it through - identify two or three people whose judgement you trust to talk through your options. Choose people who you know will give you an honest assessment of the situation rather than people who will just tell you what they think you want to hear.

  4. Set a deadline - some decisions come with their own deadline but others can drag on and on if you don't set one yourself. Pick a date that gives you reasonable time to think through your options and stick to it.

If you are interested in a more prayerful approach to decision making then Kieran Bohan (one of MitE's chaplains) has written a blog on making prayerful decisions using Ignatian spirituality which you can find by following this link.