Great Feedback from our Faith Fair

20150625_141208 We are still receiving fantastic feedback from our faith fair in June. It seems we were not the only ones thrilled with how the event turned out.

Stall holder Usama Munir told us, '... it was a great experience meeting so many different people and making new friends. I believe that is the only way we can counter the extreme elements in the society.'

And members of the Allerton Hebrew Congregation remarked that, 'Once again, we see that Liverpool is the City where all people can come together in true friendship...May it go “Chayil L’Chayil” “From Strength to Strength”.'

Another big thank you to all who were involved and attended. We hope that this event can become an annual instalment to the city and that it will continue to raise awareness, promote understanding and build relationships for years to come!